Sunday, October 17, 2010


I used my cricut markers to do the sentiment and the spider web. Then I stickled them and cut the orange spider. I wanted it purple but the boy's wanted orange..They won. Stickled him and pop dotted him on the web. Tah-dah I now have 40 invites.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My girl's are Going to need a vacation soon!!!

So my "girls" my G & E.. yes they actually have name's too! LOL They are Elphie & Galinda from Wicked...2 reasons 1- I love that musical and 2- together they are Wicked Good!!! ok Lame I know but that's how it is.

Anyway the latest quest is a haunted grave yard!!! We cut the grave stones and I used the girls to cut the name's out then inked them and now we are assembling them and setting up today. The other thing they are doing is making 40ish Invites for my 2 wildboy's combined halloween birthday party. I love my cricut markers!!! I'll show you pics of everything when they're done.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Tiger Card

The tiger card that his Den friend's signed for him

Mrs. Tiger's wild ride

Yesterday was my middle son's 6th birthday. Yesterday was crazy took the boy's to school. Picked Ky up from school at 9:00 for a doctors appointment get there to find out they had cancelled the appointment but no one told us that, Ok no big deal we have him out of school for a bit we'll do something special for him. So we took him to the mall to build a bear, only all the stores were still closed so we just walked around window shopping. When Build a bear opened we took him in to get his animal. Dropped him back off at school. Met with the District Counsel Rep for cub scout's to get a list of things that needed to be picked up. Drove 30 mins. to the Cub scout store... just have to say this place is tiny but COOL!!! Drama there. Nothing like being new and not having a clue as to what's going on and have to answer questions you don't have answers to lol. We got it worked out ate lunch and came home. Put all the patches on my new Den Leader's uniform shirt finished putting Ky's on his shirt. Shot out den email to remind my Tiger Families about the meeting. Got ready for the meeting and Realized I don't have anything for card nothing for tonight. So I start designing like a crazy lady (oh wait...I am one anyway) I'm telling you if it wasn't for Sheila at she's a sassy lady's turkey tutorial, making this card might have been a night mare. Because I actually knew what I was doing! I had the card designed, cut and assembled in less than an hour and that is AMAZING for me because picking paper is so hard for me. Went and grabbed the boy's from after school care, came home ate dinner got dressed and off to Cub Scout's we go. Let's just say I was so ready for bed last night lol.

I lifted a Turkey!

Boy you can tell I'm feeling better, I've been a crafting fool. I spent all of last sunday with my bug. I fed the family breakfast and lunch but ignored them the rest of the day. I finally was feeling somewhat human, I was a week post op off the pain meds and had very minimal pain in my arm when I'd use it.
So I headed on over to and the turkey she scraplifted from Aymee at caught my eye. Oh my I had to do the tutorial and learn how to make this dapper little fellow. But then I put my own twist on him. I'm thinking of mass producing them for thanks giving and using them as place cards at the dinner table. And adding peoples names on the chef hat. I made this the same day as the sympathy cards and the Hope, Love Cure card.
I hope you enjoy him as much as I do. I just love how adorable he is!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hang in there

this is a 6x6 card that won't be needing an envelope since I'm giving it to my friend.
She just lost her grandma and she's not the super sappy kind of person. She's always been the strong one. So I made this card a little bit light hearted for her.

I the used Create a critter Monkey and vine. The monkey is layered in brown and pearl cream cardstock. I outlined his face, mouth/nose, ears and belly with diamond stickles. The vine is welded and stickled a little bit and then pop dotted on the card. The monkey's hand is glued to the vine but not pop dotted.

Then hang in there is from wild card cut in brown shadowed with the green of the vine then stickled.

Love Hope Cure

I made this card to donate to the gift basket the clinic that did my Mammo last week is giving away. I got inspired by the goodie bag they gave me at the end of my appointment.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The results are in

And they are ALL GOOD!!!! All pathology came back negative and my surgeon congratulated me on the news! So we know that I have a good baseline for my Mammogram which I'll be doing every year now because of the strong family history of breast cancer. And that if I have a node flair up again because of how well these results came back a needle biopsy will most likely be done instead of surgery.

Thank you all so much for holding me close to you during this. For the most part I wasn't scared but I had moment's of What if's... and I'd remember everyone that was holding me tight and pulling for me and I'd be OK again. Knowing whatever the outcome was that I'd be OK.

I have one more week off of work so that I can continue to heal well and give my new scar a good chance to weld and get stronger before I go back to my normal life.

My boy's and Hubz have been AMAZING through this. And I'm blessed to have my family. I have not been home by myself to care for the boys this whole time. It's amazing how hard giving a bath to a 3 year old is.. I tried it and wasn't so great lol. So glad I had back up lol. And I can now drive again so I almost feel back to normal.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My disney title page

So I have been able to do a little bit of scrapping this week. Not much but with the help of my "baby sitters" (my 3 wildboy's) we've got our title page for our disney trip scrap book finished. The boy's helped cut the shapes with my G and emboss with my new cuttle bug. They decided where to put the charms and what one's we'd use. More than a few were cut lol. I was able to glue the pieces down and assemble the page. I think it's adorable! And can't wait to work more on our family album.


Hi all sorry this update has taken so long. My surgery went well but my recovery has been a bit difficult. My body has taken a liking to almost fainting. The first time it happened was while I was getting my IV before surgery. The second time was getting ready to take the IV out. Then I was fine for 3 day's until I took my bandage off and then again I got very woozy coming close to passing out. My incision was not one 1 -2 stitches like anticipated instead it's about 4 inches long and very swollen.
I had my mammogram on tuesday and again almost fainted. They found 2 masses in my breast so I was sent right away to ultrasound for more imaging. I will meet with my surgeon tomorrow to find out about the lump(s) removed from my armpit during surgery and to see what the results from the mammogram are. And where we go from here.
I have a great support network and wonderful HUBBY!!! He's been so awesome to me this week. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and getting my stitches out and hopefully getting released back to to work next week. Keep your finger's crossed!