Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hi all sorry this update has taken so long. My surgery went well but my recovery has been a bit difficult. My body has taken a liking to almost fainting. The first time it happened was while I was getting my IV before surgery. The second time was getting ready to take the IV out. Then I was fine for 3 day's until I took my bandage off and then again I got very woozy coming close to passing out. My incision was not one 1 -2 stitches like anticipated instead it's about 4 inches long and very swollen.
I had my mammogram on tuesday and again almost fainted. They found 2 masses in my breast so I was sent right away to ultrasound for more imaging. I will meet with my surgeon tomorrow to find out about the lump(s) removed from my armpit during surgery and to see what the results from the mammogram are. And where we go from here.
I have a great support network and wonderful HUBBY!!! He's been so awesome to me this week. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and getting my stitches out and hopefully getting released back to to work next week. Keep your finger's crossed!

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