Friday, October 15, 2010

Mrs. Tiger's wild ride

Yesterday was my middle son's 6th birthday. Yesterday was crazy took the boy's to school. Picked Ky up from school at 9:00 for a doctors appointment get there to find out they had cancelled the appointment but no one told us that, Ok no big deal we have him out of school for a bit we'll do something special for him. So we took him to the mall to build a bear, only all the stores were still closed so we just walked around window shopping. When Build a bear opened we took him in to get his animal. Dropped him back off at school. Met with the District Counsel Rep for cub scout's to get a list of things that needed to be picked up. Drove 30 mins. to the Cub scout store... just have to say this place is tiny but COOL!!! Drama there. Nothing like being new and not having a clue as to what's going on and have to answer questions you don't have answers to lol. We got it worked out ate lunch and came home. Put all the patches on my new Den Leader's uniform shirt finished putting Ky's on his shirt. Shot out den email to remind my Tiger Families about the meeting. Got ready for the meeting and Realized I don't have anything for card nothing for tonight. So I start designing like a crazy lady (oh wait...I am one anyway) I'm telling you if it wasn't for Sheila at she's a sassy lady's turkey tutorial, making this card might have been a night mare. Because I actually knew what I was doing! I had the card designed, cut and assembled in less than an hour and that is AMAZING for me because picking paper is so hard for me. Went and grabbed the boy's from after school care, came home ate dinner got dressed and off to Cub Scout's we go. Let's just say I was so ready for bed last night lol.

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