Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Baby Man

This is the picture that made me realize how much my baby man has grown up in just a few short years.

It was a hard one to take down from the frame and replace with his Kindergarten pic. But I'm working on a page to for his scrap book.

Brenny's 5

Well folks as if my baby turning 5 and going to kindergarten wasn't enough to remind me how big he is, the fact that he's turned part monkey and is now climbing the tree in our back yard is! I had a deja'vu moment last week when he was climbing the tree and I snapped some pictures of him. I got my canon our first christmas here (actually got in in November because Hubz couldn't wait to give it to me lol) anyway Brenny had just turned 2 in October and I snapped some beautiful shots of him in the very same tree. Only I had to set him in it and have his brother's hold him so he felt like he wasn't going to fall out. I'm thinking I may have to make this an annual shoot...the boy's in our tree...watching them grow up.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Baby Buggy

This was another card I did when I made the onesie card. This one is super cute too! This is from Every Day Paper dolls. I cut this 3 times, the base and then 2 paper's. I cut the papers apart to mix and layer together. I think it turned out very cute. I then added button stickers to the wheels which I cut on pearlized paper from Accent Essentials.

Yes I did this with my cricut!!! I've done some furniture shifting and have made it a little easier to play with my girls again. We had a student teacher in my class for 8 weeks and she finished her time and were so sad to see her go! She's also due with her first baby in late April and little boy. So I made her this card from the Special Ed team. Now this is when you know I haven't been playing with my stuff because I couldn't find a onesie so I made this one from Everyday Paper dolls and welded a swim suit and t-shirt together, cut the puppy from Doodlecharms in white cardstock and blue glitter paper. I just love how cute it is! But after I finished it I found a onesie in Wall Decor and more....which I happen to have loaded in my gypsy!

Window clings

Another thank you Pinterest! This one took more effort with my class. But it's great OT because we just mixed the glue, dish soap and paint in the glue bottle and they have to squeeze it out. But they want to finger paint with it and then the shape is obliterated! So this one is more of a 1:1 project but they did turn out cute! And super simple. White glue, a few drops of dish soap and liquid water color or food coloring. I think this is something My boy's and I could do at home better and maybe add some glimmer mist in the mix.

Shaving Cream Painting

I think it was on the cricut board a long while ago someone had said you could do a marble painting using ink and shaving cream on photo paper. It was amazing so I tried it with cardstock and Watercolor Bristol board and liquid water color paint. We made easter eggs last year in my class room and the kids LOVED it. It was a win win also, sensory diet+ art project= WIN! So we did these hearts for valentines day and with this class the kids love it too. It's actually turned out to be our go to messy art. It's super easy to set up, it is set as soon as you scrape off the shaving cream and then rub down with a paper and it's ready to hang and it's super easy to clean up. We just did shamrocks and they turned out BEAUTIFUL!! I'll have to snap some pics before they go home with the kids.

"Eye" Love you!

Here's a cute little project we did with my kid's in my class room for valentines day. We did 2 different versions this one and one that had several eye's on it that said "I only have Eyes for you!" They turned out pretty cute. This was a pinterest find that I had recreated.