Friday, September 24, 2010

I have an Update.

Saw the doctor today, and because of the size of one of my lymph nodes and past history they are going to do a surgical biopsy on Thursday. They are just going to take the biggest one and see what pathology say's before taking the next step. It will be done as an out patient procedure so I'll be home Thursday afternoon. And then because of the location of the swollen nodes and history of breast cancer in the family I'm scheduled for a mammogram on Oct. 5th to get a baseline image. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.
I have to admit as I was leaving the doctors I was getting a little weepy and worried. I had it in my mind that the nodes would go back down by now and the surgeon would send me on my merry way. So now I find the worry creeping back in. I just keep reminding myself it is what it is... I have no control over this so freaking out will not help me. I have pre-op on Monday will work Tues & Wed. and then Surgery on Thurs.
I'll continue to update as I know more.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Back to the beginning

Ok so I think I told you that I lost my cord to my gypsy, well not really lost but left it 100 miles away at my mom's. And it didn't get mailed and she forgot to bring it down with her when we went to see Wicked. So I had to do some cutting and I had to use my E without my baby girl lol. I know I know, how sad! It's ok I managed. Seriously not too hard to cut number's, I can do it! Were working on phone number matching at school with out kids so I cut they're phone number's out so we can laminate them. In the mean time DH did figure out how to charge my Gypsy without her wall cord. But I needed to cut one more phone number and I put it in my gypsy at work and got home ready to cut but couldnt make it cut right so I put her in Time out and used my E by it's self again and the number's cut perfectly. Then I used my G to cut the all about me that will be glued to the front of the pocktbooks were working on this month.

The number's are Mickey font in 2 inches.

Happy 80th!

This is the other card I made for my grandma. I have to admit that I LOVE this flower!!!
The flower is from home accents cut at about 5 inches and then layering down 8 times just nesting them inside each other on my gypsy then separating them so they'll all cut. Sprayed them with my orange marmalade shimmer spray and crumbled them up while they were wet. I opened them up a little bit and used my heat gun on them while opening them up. I used a pearl brad through the center and then decided I wanted to ink the edges...can never do anything easy lol. So I justed my fantastix and went around the edges with walnut ink.
The strip is actually a tag that I added the scallop border to and then welded and the 80 is from cindy loo...shimmer sprayed and then inked. I love how beautiful this one turned out finished! I loved hearing all the Ohhhh's and Ahhhh's! Yep I'm like that LOL.

I'm Not Clowning!

Ok so I have been scared of clowns since forever... I mean even before I saw the movie IT at the ripe old age of TOO YOUNG, What the heck were you thinking parents?!?!?!?! But my Grandma LOVE'S them they are everywhere in her house (makes visiting joyful)anyway her 80th birthday was last weekend and we had a big party for her. So I attempted to stamp her a card. I was so proud of myself I stamped and colored a CLOWN!!! I inherited all my maternal grandma's crafting supplies 2 years ago and have been going through them. I found a clown stamp and some stamp markers so I gave it a try. Then I made my shimmer spray, added a few drops of Orange Marmalade dye and sprayed the sliding tag. I then used the ribbon and pop dotted the clown on the front so that it slides up and down. On the inside it say's happy birthday in the pink that's the background. I had the boy's sign it. She loved it! And my mom was so proud lol.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

An update

Well all I thank you for the prayers and I'm sorry I haven't updated but there's still nothing to update. The referral to the surgeon is taking forever and I'm calling the doctor today (they're open sat's) to find out what the heck is going on. Thanks for the support and I promise as soon as I know something I'll let you know.