Saturday, December 11, 2010

Suga Mama Tutu

Ok remember that adorable Hot pink and Black tutu and T I did over the summer. Well the lady that ordered from me called me out of the blue to order a new set for her 2 year old god daughter. This one was FUN!!! I love the colors and I used my Yudu (my early christmas present from Hubz!) to do the shirt. I then added fabric glitter paint over it to give it sparkle!!!

The light remains...

I saw this card from the the night before my grandpa's funeral and as I sat staring at it the tears started falling. It say's everything about my grandpa. So at 8 pm I decided I NEEDED to make this. I made it a 12x12 page and I searched and searched for the right paper on line that I could print, nothing was right. So then I went through all of my papers and still nothing. I did find a paper that I loved as the back of the 12x12 it's by K&Co. But nothing else "fit" so by 10pm I was in a frenzy because I needed to make this for his service I just had to. So I decided to make my own background paper. I took a cream card stock 8 1/2 x 11 lightly sprayed it was spiced marmalade pearl mist that I made until the paper was damp. I blotted it with a paper towel and then took my stamp pads and stamped the whole pad on the paper in random pressures and patterns. I used light blue and med. blue, white, walnut and antique linen stamp pads. I used my sponge to daub and blend the colors and then sprayed a little bit of blue pearl mist and dabbed with a paper towel.. then I hit it with the heat gun to dry. I distressed the edges and then inked them with walnut ink. When it was dry I ran it through the printer and printed the sentiment onto the paper. The blue I did the same thing but I used blue pearl mist and Med blue, dark blue a bit of eggplant, walnut and white ink. The jar is a stamp that I stamped and then inked with the white and blues and then pop dotted for dimension. I didn't have fireflies so I cut the dragon flies from gypsy wanderings and hid the contour and then cut the antenna off. I cut them in 2 different sizes quarter size and nickel size. I cut the scallop border from my gypsy and stretched it to fit. The green was just green that I pop dotted on and then cut the blades. Cut the circles from accent essentials and then inked them with white for a glow...And then I stickled it all, the jar, the glow rings, to accents, the grass. I went stickle crazy. At 2 a.m. I finished it all. But I didn't have anything to display it. I ran into my mom at the store the morning of the service and we looked for something to hold it...and then I showed it to her and she cried. My grandpa's favorite possession was his Buzzard. It's a 2 1/2 foot tall wooden buzzard that my grandpa alway's had a sign hanging from, and my mom had been looking for something for the bird to hold and couldn't find the right thing. So my page was held at the service by my grandpa's buzzard lol.

more Digi coloring

More coloring. So here's another image that I colored with prisma markers. I was just playing around with it and these are the only colors I have so they're not real christmas(ish). I colored then stickled and I think it turned out beautiful. I'm having a lot of fun with the markers.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

You Suck!

I made this for my friend that was leaving our job. She is an awesome lady and is the kind of person that can laugh so I knew that I could make this sucker bouquet and make it say You Suck and she'd love it. I cut the flowers on different patterned papers and then put 2 flowers together and added the sucker. I put them in a mug that has snowflakes etched on it because our school symbol is a snow flake. I used my cricut marker to write you suck on a rectangle card folded it over a pipe cleaner and stickled it. She loved it and I'm pleased with how well it turned out.

Birthday Spinner card

I made this card for my boss. My co-worker and I set up a surprise lunch for our boss and I made her spinner card. I used my gypsy to cut the overlay with the spinner cut out on Coordination paper then ran it through the cuttlebug with the devine swirls folder and then sanded the top. This was my first time using this paper and I'm so in love. I pop dotted the top layer and then added the cupcake sticker to the penny's and then cut the happy birthday from no mess glitter paper. Stickled the swirls and it's done. She loved her card and kept playing with it during lunch. Oh and the best thing about this card is everything but the Coordination paper was scrap. The dotted card was already cut and I never used it so this card came together super fast.

Stamping Fun

So while I was healing from my surgery I was visiting, ok ok more like stalking my LSS and since I couldn't drive guess who I'd torture until he took me lol. Anyway one day I stumbled upon the CUTEST stamps. They're from Lala-Land Crafts and his name is Luka. He's just TOOOOOOO Adorable. Anyway I pulled the I need something to cheer me up because I'm so bored card and Hubz bought me 2 stamps, then the lady that works there and I were talking about marker's and coloring. I told her I was not interested in markers and I use my prismacolors if I want any coloring done. Well at that moment I was introduced to Gamsol. So I came home and started working on both of the Luka's. I just love them my boy's love them so instead of using them for a card we glued them on popsicle sticks and the boy's had little puppets. These were done in October and were my first pencil and Gamsol attempt... I was like a little kid at christmas! lol Look how cute they are. I want the whole Lala-land collection they are just too cute.


Helloooo, is anyone out there in Andiland??? Seriously I haven't even been here. Let me tell you I'm learning not to say now what, or what's next?? Because the big man upstairs has a way of showing you. Let's just say my prayer bones are working overtime. I've barely had a moment to breathe which mean's my crafting has been next to nothing. I'm trying to get my groove back from being knocked down so many times recently. I'm really looking forward to christmas break. I have 6 work day's left and then I get a 3 week vacation. Lord know's I need it. It may not even come with good news but just that I will be off work and that's one less thing I have to juggle. BUT I have been able in the crazyness of my head at time's get a teensey tiny bit of crafting done. I'm going to show you what I've done now.