Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Class Kids

Sorry I know I'm blowing up my blog tonight but I FINALLY have a quiet house and time to myself that I'm taking advantage of it.

This was my one hour challenge project today. We do pocket books for our Language arts time in our class, each month we have a class theme and each week is a mini theme that ties into the monthly theme. This month is All about me, this week's theme was body parts. We did our sensory integration in the form of finger paint and hand prints. Then we used giant ink pads for more hand's. We made paper plate doll's to hang on the walls. The front of the books this month don't have pre-made art so I made it. Each has a paper doll and phrase All about me, and they're name. This way all the kids have to do is glue them on the front. I used Every Day paper dolls and acid free construction paper. The bodies are done in white and chalked with peach and some with olive green on top to make the tan color. I gave the girl a hair cut because the hair is long and our little girl's is not. I used my cricut marker and a flower from home accents to make her dress. And of course who can resist a googley eye?!?!?

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