Sunday, August 29, 2010

I don't do this often...

So I'm going to get a little bit personal. I believe in the power of prayer and right now I'll take as many as I can get.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday (sat.). We changed doctor's recently and we did the blood work, physical all the goodies that come with getting a new doctor. Plus I needed my Headache med's refilled. The doctor (I love him) tell's me that everything came back good but my cholesterol is a little high, asked me if I've ever been treated for it. Nope never has been an issue until, wow I turn 34 and I start falling apart lol. So he stresses the diet and exercise thing. Yes I know I need to but I've been sooooo tired lately. I work with 6 autistic 1 & 2nd graders and I have 3 wild boy's under 8. When I get home I need a nap, seriously I am wiped out when I get home everyday. I'm sitting there in my head trying to decide if I say anything about the pain I've been having in my side (where your bra band is). Yeah I'll mention it to him and see if I need to come back and have it looked at.

History: I've had lymphatic cancer 2 times, first at 12 second at 18. Both time's very lucky presented as something else and were able to catch it while still encapsulated in the node, remove the node's implant chemo wafers (that's why my old oncologist called them) and blood work routine. Good to go!

So I mention to the doctor about the node removal and the pain I have in my armpit and side. But good thing is I cant feel any lumps so I'm ok. Doctor check's me right then, ask's when my surgery was, reply in 95. He feel's around again and tell's me he's sending me to the surgeon to see if I need biopsies.... I say why, there's no lumps? He say's Andi, you have 4 lumps that I can feel in your side and one in your armpit. I need to get a referral. He walks me up to the front desk and tells them what he wants done. My head is spinning, and I'm holding it together because I don't want to start bawling in front of strangers. I get to my car and loose it. I was able to call my best friends and freak out on them so that I could get it out of my system before I get home to talk with my Husband. And there's no way I can call my mom about this yet. She'll freak out worse than I did. So I talked to Hubz we were'nt together the last time this happened so it freaked him out a little bit, I'm OK. I know that I am. But this just bring's back so many things that I thought I'd never have to deal with again. So if you could just keep me in your prayers, I know it's selfish to ask total stranger's this but I need them. And I'll keep you posted as I know what's going on.


  1. Andi, please don't think you can't ask us for prayer. We all need one another. I will pray for you. Please do keep us posted. We care

    Peggy T.

  2. Of course I will keep you in my prayers! Please don't ever hesitate to ask! Please keep us updated, we want to know! Hugs to you!

  3. PLEASE, PLEASE communicate with your doctor and don't let whatever you feel linger!!! I will definitely keep you in my nightly prayers and daily thoughts!

    All the hugs you need, my friend!

  4. Andi like you said in the beginning, We are an extended family. I will keep you in my prayers... Good thoughts coming your way.

  5. I'll be thinking good things for you, you and your family will be in my prayers. At least you have a doctor who takes you seriously and gets the ball rolling.