Friday, November 2, 2012

WOW 12 Weeks!!

Aug 10, 2012 by Andi Curenton
OMGosh I can't believe I've been doing this for 12 weeks! It's funny because some times I have a great run and sometimes it SUCKS bad lol. Hey I'm just keeping it real.... But the awesome thing is no matter what my run feels like, I feel stronger! At the gym things that used to kick my butt now feel great and I can power through them...I still get sore but not as bad and not as long. It's really an awesome feeling...and you know what else is cool? I've been really hard on myself about not seeing the results I wanted but I have changed, my body is changing and I can start to see it now in pictures. You know what else is cool about running? Dessert!!! HA HA!! I can eat dessert! Yes I know this goes back to the not seeing the results I wanted to see, but Imagine what I'd look like if I wasn't running. So I have to give myself the atta girls I deserve. I'm feeling great, I actually look forward to getting up at 5:30 on saturdays (and For the Record that's earlier than I get up for work) to run 6-10 miles, yes I said I look forward to it! Do you know why? Because I LOVE my team! They keep me going, and because I believe in what we are all part of. Honestly it's something you can't truly understand unless your part of something like this. I never really did until this season. I supported my sister and I was proud of her and I bragged like there was no tomorrow...but as much as I "THOUGHT" I got it...I didn't until I was right in the Middle of it. I have met some pretty amazing people both with Cancer and Without, I've heard stories that have brought all of us to tears and stories that make you laugh and whoop for joy. I have talked with my team mates and have learned so much about the hearts of these people that make up my team and I have started to heal little by little. And all of this has happened in 12 short weeks! I have made life changing friendships and now have people in my life that I can not imaging not having in my life anymore...I have an awesome extended family that Loves me For me...and my whining and complaining, for my aches and pains, for my laughs and love and they love my family. My boys have been included in so many wonderful oppertunities in just 12 short weeks all of our lives have been changed for the better

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