Friday, November 2, 2012

The Best Run Yet!

Jun 09, 2012 by Andi Curenton
This morning was the best morning yet. After last week's training I left feeling defeated and questioning if I could really do this. DON'T Panic.... That's my old behavior talking. When things got to hard or I couldn't deal with it I would normally just quit and say well I tried. But this is my year of breaking bad habits! Anyway it was in my head and my foot was bugging me and it was planting the doubt last week...this week However was a TOTAL 180!!!! I am so much more motivated and re-energized! I feel accomplished and Triumphant! I'm honestly telling you I was worried about this week...more so than even the first training. I struggled so bad with 3 miles, 4 miles had my nerves wracked a bit. But I have an amazing TEAM and support network. By the time warm up was over OMG what the heck was that anyway?!?! And stretching were over I was ready to go! I remember hitting the 1st mile and thinking Seriously??? This is all? lol and then all of the sudden we were at the 2 mile mark turning around to come back. I was cruising! I had found my groove and I was just going. I was getting stronger with every interval we were running and I was able to run longer intervals. I can't tell you how amazing that feeling was! And one of the last intervals I was able to run the full 5 mins!!!! I'm so glad that I pushed just a little bit and worked just a little bit harder during those intervals. It's so amazing to run with a group of people that keep you going when you think OMG Not for 1 more second!!! And then you realize you've just ran 2 more mins. I have never ran 4 miles before and today I changed that!!!

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