Friday, November 2, 2012

I faced one of my fears

Sep 04, 2012 by Andi Curenton
And this Group right here helped me. I have a HUGE phobia of bridges and we had to run over the "Little Blue" bridge that you cross to get on to Mare Island...well about half way across the bridge my head started getting a little swimmy and my heart was pounding and I felt like I was going to barf....Nope not because I running too hard...because I was RUNNING ON THE BRIDGE!!! So I did a lot of self talk and started shaking my arms and hands to keep my mind focused on something else and keep the blood moving in my body and then I was off the bridge!!! YAY For me...except I had to cross it again shortly after we made our loop. The second time I was better, I knew what to expect and I had tunnel vision... I focused at a spot on the other side of the bridge and kept watching it get closer and closer... Plus I stayed with my girls this time and was talking and focusing on something other than the fact I was running over water lol. I seriously couldn't do it with out my teammates. I wouldn't have even attempted it. I would have just kept running back to our starting point. I'm so proud of how much stronger both Physically and emotionally I get with each run! I hope that my strength reaches a person dealing with blood cancer and they know how much I love them and helps them to push through the hard times.

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