Friday, November 2, 2012

Cricut made my Race Shirt!!!

I've been crafting and using my cricut for some fun things this season. I made 2 teammates race shirts for their Hawaii Marathon I used life's a beach and had a BALL!!! So I knew when I got mine I was going to use my cricut for mine. I wanted to keep it simple because Sometimes less is more...I know it's a hard concept but I had to keep myself focused. I had a lot of meaningful things I Needed to put on my shirt and Cricut came through for me again!!! I used Pink Journey for the awareness ribbon and the wings on Jody's name. I used Lime Green because it's the color for Non Hodgkins Lymphoma but I LOVE sparkles so I took diamond stickles and outlined it and BLLLLIIIIIINNNNNGGGG! I don't remember all the fonts I used for what but I know Plantin Schoolbook, Sans Serif and Calligraphy Collection were used. And again Stickled!! BLINGY!!! Each name is for a person who has passed from cancer, is battling cancer or Survived Cancer, All but my mom and Jody are in the colors of their awareness ribbon. My mom's is in Lavender (her fav. color) and Jody is teal one of his favorite colors. I found the Sweet 16 patch at michaels and KNEW I had to use it! The "Live the Dream" is the end of a quote my Aunt and Uncle Sent me that made me cry. It say's... Trust the Dream, Love the Dream, Live the Dream. And the "It's all good" is for my cousin who is battling a rare aggressive brain cancer and it's been her motto through it all. I have a crystal dragonfly which is my "family's symbol" and the crystal GO TEAM...because in Team in Training that's what we use to greet, encourage, cheer and rally each other. My name is is Tiffany Blue with Stickles...Tiffany Blue is very important part of Nike Woman's Marathon...Each finisher of NWM12 received a Tiffany Necklace as our Medal. I LOVE my race shirt. There is so much meaning tied into one little purple top. It carried me through my race!

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