Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shaving Cream Painting

I think it was on the cricut board a long while ago someone had said you could do a marble painting using ink and shaving cream on photo paper. It was amazing so I tried it with cardstock and Watercolor Bristol board and liquid water color paint. We made easter eggs last year in my class room and the kids LOVED it. It was a win win also, sensory diet+ art project= WIN! So we did these hearts for valentines day and with this class the kids love it too. It's actually turned out to be our go to messy art. It's super easy to set up, it is set as soon as you scrape off the shaving cream and then rub down with a paper and it's ready to hang and it's super easy to clean up. We just did shamrocks and they turned out BEAUTIFUL!! I'll have to snap some pics before they go home with the kids.

1 comment:

  1. These hearts turned out beautiful. It is a wonderful sensory project.(so long as you don't have sensory aversion). We haven't tried liquid watercolors yet. I can't wait to see your shamrocks!
    Kelly at Little Wonders' Days