Monday, March 21, 2011

key word here... Improvise!

So I was in a mood to make a fun little birthday card for my father in law and I didn't want to haul my cricut out of her condo (the cabinet, but don't let her know that ok). And I've been really stressed and I love to color when I'm stressed, it's my therapy. So I get out my Cute little Super Hero Luca stamp by La-la land crafts...and I get everything ready...Uhh where's my large stamp block? I know I had it the other day? So I look in the "Condo" and in my sewing cabinet that has turned into stamp and embellie wonderland, nope not here. Check the size of the next size down. Nope won't fit...Hmmmm Let me look on the Shelves, I'm sure I put it there...Nope not finding it...what's this? Hmmmm wonder if it'll work? Give it a try. YES, It works!!!! Doing the happy dance. What is the "this" I'm talking about? It's the cover of a sizzix die. You know the old school dies the big Red ones. LOL Yep it worked great! And wouldn't you know the next day I would find my stamp block on the shelf where I looked 500 times! So if you ever miss place your stamp block, just use the cover of a sizzix die (if you still own any)

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