Saturday, March 5, 2011

I've been a Crafty one lately

I haven't been posting much or even visiting the Cricut forum lately but I've been crafting none the less. And it's all degree's of crafting right now not just paper crafting, I'm sewing a little, cricuting, Yuduing, painting and quilting.

I've helped my sister make 2 super hero cape's for her Team n Training team for the spirit awards. I made a hand full of Class B uniforms (T-shirts)for cub scouting. And my Tiger's and I designed made the center pieces for our Blue and Gold celebration. That is the birthday party for Boy Scout's of America. It's a HUGE even and is so much fun.
And quilt block #2 is in the works, and I'm knocking on wood because this one has been a LOT nicer to me so far.

I'm trying to get pictures together from everything and update on here.

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  1. Andi,
    I'm passing to you the Stylish Blogger Award, see my blog for details. Thank you for your support as a follower.