Sunday, March 20, 2011

Block 2 is Finished

So I panicked after my last BOTM meeting and I just knew the Quilting God's HATED me after my first train wreck of a block and then this one has some pro's shaking in their boots. So I was totally freaked out. The good thing about being a visual learner, is Once I do something I can do it a million times after learning. And the good thing about this block was it's again 1/2 triangles, so I knew what I was doing it was just going to be arranging them in a different order. I was so happy with this block, I only had to rip one set of seams and re-sew it but that was because I was talking on the phone when I did it and sewed it right to wrong lol. When I finished the center piecing I actually cried happy tears because I was so excited with how easy and well it went together....that was until....dun dun dun.... the top edge didn't match up. It was 1/2 in. too long...I measured all my seams in the piecing and they all seem to be 1/4 in or just a hair off but this had me freaking out... Now happy tears turned back into frustrated tears. I put it away for a few day's so I could breathe and re-group. I fixed it and then put it all together.... It's kinda warped looking in the photo but it's not that bad in real life.

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  1. Your doing great Andi! I'm just now thinking about getting back into quitting again, I've never had great success at it though!