Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stamping Fun

So while I was healing from my surgery I was visiting, ok ok more like stalking my LSS and since I couldn't drive guess who I'd torture until he took me lol. Anyway one day I stumbled upon the CUTEST stamps. They're from Lala-Land Crafts and his name is Luka. He's just TOOOOOOO Adorable. Anyway I pulled the I need something to cheer me up because I'm so bored card and Hubz bought me 2 stamps, then the lady that works there and I were talking about marker's and coloring. I told her I was not interested in markers and I use my prismacolors if I want any coloring done. Well at that moment I was introduced to Gamsol. So I came home and started working on both of the Luka's. I just love them my boy's love them so instead of using them for a card we glued them on popsicle sticks and the boy's had little puppets. These were done in October and were my first pencil and Gamsol attempt... I was like a little kid at christmas! lol Look how cute they are. I want the whole Lala-land collection they are just too cute.

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