Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Not Clowning!

Ok so I have been scared of clowns since forever... I mean even before I saw the movie IT at the ripe old age of TOO YOUNG, What the heck were you thinking parents?!?!?!?! But my Grandma LOVE'S them they are everywhere in her house (makes visiting joyful)anyway her 80th birthday was last weekend and we had a big party for her. So I attempted to stamp her a card. I was so proud of myself I stamped and colored a CLOWN!!! I inherited all my maternal grandma's crafting supplies 2 years ago and have been going through them. I found a clown stamp and some stamp markers so I gave it a try. Then I made my shimmer spray, added a few drops of Orange Marmalade dye and sprayed the sliding tag. I then used the ribbon and pop dotted the clown on the front so that it slides up and down. On the inside it say's happy birthday in the pink that's the background. I had the boy's sign it. She loved it! And my mom was so proud lol.

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