Friday, September 17, 2010

Back to the beginning

Ok so I think I told you that I lost my cord to my gypsy, well not really lost but left it 100 miles away at my mom's. And it didn't get mailed and she forgot to bring it down with her when we went to see Wicked. So I had to do some cutting and I had to use my E without my baby girl lol. I know I know, how sad! It's ok I managed. Seriously not too hard to cut number's, I can do it! Were working on phone number matching at school with out kids so I cut they're phone number's out so we can laminate them. In the mean time DH did figure out how to charge my Gypsy without her wall cord. But I needed to cut one more phone number and I put it in my gypsy at work and got home ready to cut but couldnt make it cut right so I put her in Time out and used my E by it's self again and the number's cut perfectly. Then I used my G to cut the all about me that will be glued to the front of the pocktbooks were working on this month.

The number's are Mickey font in 2 inches.

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