Monday, August 9, 2010

Wishing you....A Hoppy Birthday

This little card is for my SIL's birthday. It was a fun project because I let the boys help me they are 7 (8 tomorrow), 5 and 3.

I told them the frog needed to be green and we needed 3 sheets of different green paper and let them pick it. Then they each got a turn to chalk the frog and my oldest tried to ink the edges but got scared so I finished it. I told Jayce (oldest) we needed a background paper and that he could pick it out (that took a spell lol, there were two papers that he was bouncing between).

I glued the froggie together and then the Littlest decided he knew how to and had to do it so this is where the fingerprints and chalk smudges came in lol. My 5 year old glued on the google eyes. And I ran the wording through the xyron and put it down. We all decided that pink and green prima's would be pretty on it.

The inside say's " A hoppy Birthday".
It was fun watching the boy's "argue" over the color paper that matched lol. And my oldest ran the gypsy, and then the 3 year old would coach him.... "find the knife, press it..." LOL
I'm sure we'll have more wildboy projects coming soon.

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