Monday, July 12, 2010

TUTU Cute!

This is my first Freezer T and Tutu Combo. I whipped this freezer T out in less than 20 min from Gypsy to gift bag. Thank goodness for my heat gun! I got the images from Hannah Montana cart and put them together cut and painted. There's 2 little boo boo's but for being so rushed. I bought the shirt on thursday and put it in a safe place the the wildboyz couldnt get to it...well it was such a safe place that I couldn't even remember where I put it and then I moved something sunday morning while we were getting ready to leave for the Birthday party and there it was so I threw it together. The perfectionist in me can point out all the little flaws but the realist in me say's It's way cute for how quick I did it. The thing that matters is the Birthday girl LOVED it and yelled Girls Rock and Boy's Drool!! LOL.