Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Boring Bag lunch??? NO WAY!

Here's a quick way to Jazz up a sack lunch. So quick, so cute, SO EASY!!! All you need is a cricut, a cartridge and Cricut Markers. Easy Peasey.
My boy's started cubscout camp this week and had to have a sack lunch. Well I could have just wrote they're names on it but how boring would that have been. This was just as fast and they LOVE them.
My oldest son is a Bear Cub and my middle son is a Tiger Cub so their bags will have different variations of their animals, My youngest is in the day care center so he's not assigned an animal. He get's random ones. He's had a cat and a duck, Tomorrow he'll have a Horse and then prob. a cow or pig maybe goat. Not sure yet.


  1. Cute idea, Andi. I'm sure your boys love them.

  2. Cute cute cute thanks for sharing

  3. Andi,

    You asked about getting the awards. This is what I did. I right clicked on the picture and saved it to my computer. Then I went to the design feature of blogger. Clicked on add a gadget, chose add a picture. Then uploaded the picture. I hope this helps. Let me know if I can help you anymore.