Friday, July 9, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

I've been keeping busy this week.... My sisters Boyfriends daughter is a New years eve baby and did not get a party this year, my sister had a fit about it and is throwing her a 4 1/2 birthday party. The theme is How to train a dragon and I got to make her banner for the party.
I have been designing on my gypsy for about 2 weeks without cutting anything so while I was doing the banner I was multi-tasking and getting paper for the other projects ready to cut. In one night did the birthday banner, 2 birthday cards and a simple lay out. It doesn't look like a lot when I write it but cutting and assembling the banner was a lot of work. Birthday party is Sunday and I still need to finish her birthday present.. a tutu and a freezer shirt. And I need to make her a dragon card for the party.
Oh and I've been working summer school, and doing art pieces with my kids. Our summer theme is "Our Summer Garden, watch us grow!" so we've made Carrot, watermelon and Corn art projects.
I've also managed to squeeze in some shopping. I love it when I get my Michael's ad and they have awesome coupons and great sale's because I can get DH in on my habit too. He even picked one of my big paper pack's.
I picked up some more cart's on ebay, I never thought I'd be excited to get anything Hannah Montana but I am! I'm really liking this cart! Then I cashed in some of my reward points and got Bag's tags and boxes YIPPEEE can't wait until it's delivered! And I was able to get a GREAT deal at's 29.95 cart sale, I was able to get the elusive teaser drive me nuts because I couldn't win it on ebay for less than $30 Create a Critter (squee!) and Cindy Loo plus free shipping over $50. I'm a very happy girl! And my little chunky Gypsy girl was starting to get a little thin so she'll be happy to be able to chomp down 3 new carts very very soon!
My Dh and DS are on a boy scout overnighter and they have both camera's so I'm not able to post my handiwork tonight but I will add it soon!
Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Crafting!!!

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