Friday, November 2, 2012


Sep 23, 2012 by Andi Curenton
This picture is so beautiful for so many reasons to me. I have always loved San Francisco and from the time I learned how to drive there I've spent many many impulse visits. I even decided to go to art school here. When Rome and I started dating one of the places we went a lot was to the city, and he loves the city as much as I do so that made me a happy happy girl! And now that were a family and after years of dragging the boy's to the city for adventure trips it's the place they ask to come back to most. I have so many great memories of this city by the bay, and we NEVER come visit our favorite place with out paying a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge. It is honestly the most amazing bridge in the world and it's ours. No picture can ever do it the much love and admiration it truly deserves. I have a new memory of this Beautiful Bridge and these amazing women helped me make it. I have a fear of's actually a bit more than a fear...I AM TERRIFIED of them....ALL!!! Big, Small, Short, Tall, Beautiful or Ugly...if it's a bridge over water I'm a wreck. I almost didn't make this training due to my fear. I only decided just a few day's before this training that I was going to make it. I was going to cross the bridge with my teammates/strength/sisters because they believed I could! Many tears went into making this decision, and a few tears during the run. But I DID IT!!!! I crossed my Beautiful, Majestic beloved Golden Gate bridge on foot not once, but twice!!!! And I cried each time I stepped off the bridge. They were tears of accomplishment, relief, terror but mostly pride. I don't honestly know when I have ever felt as proud of myself as I did that morning. I was truly Relentless! And with each tearful release I was met with tears, and cheers, hugs, love and support from some of the most important people in my life. I have to say this was my BEST run yet. I ran 9 miles and I conqured my fear twice!!! And the best part was I was met in the parking lot by my Guy's who love the City as much as I do! I got hugs and "mommy I'm so proud of you" and "did you close your eyes?" lol. We have an honored teammate who met every day of his treatment with "This is the Best day ever" and I have to agree with him! I can say that This was indeed the Best day ever!

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