Saturday, June 9, 2012

My First Training 5/26

My First training was May 26th. I had been released back to work and to full activity from the doctor. My leg was given a clean bill of health. I had hurt it a month earlier I was running to catch a student and I fell and Bruised my Tibia bone and Patellar tendon forcing me to be on crutches and stopped my new running routine and training for my first 5K instantly. But when I got returned back to normal activity and was able to make it to my first training with Team I was like a kid at christmas the night before night and had trouble getting to bed because of the excitement and nerves. I was a little worried about my knee and leg not cooperating. And nervous because I haven't ran since my injury on April 24th. AND the biggest worry...I've NEVER ran outdoors before. Until 1st training I've only done my running on the treadmill. So I got up that morning morning and ate my breakfast and my sister (TNT alumni and Captain) calls me at 6:30am and gives me the the eat your normal breakfast that you would eat before you go running. And the "Don't forget" run down lol. She picked me up at 7am and we head off to our training location. It's COLD and WINDY!!! We had a little running clinic from the coach and then we did our first Benchmark run a 2 mile out and back. So off we go and my knee and leg feel great! But if you don't know this already, there is a HUGE HUGE HUGE difference between running out doors on pavement vs a treadmill! And since this is my first cardio anything in a month I'm winded fast but I'm not thinking about that! ONLY Positive thinking today. The Good things... I'm interval RUNNING again!!! I'm not having any pain!!! I'm RUNNING AGAIN!!!! I get to the 1 mile turn around and I've just ran a 13.59 min mile...I know that doesn't sound like a hug accomplishment...but did I mention that April 24th I injured my self lol. I was on crutches for 2 weeks and my C25K training STOPPED! I have not been able to do anything for a month. So a 14 min mile to me is HUGE!!! My run back was more walk than run but I made sure I was listening to my body and not over doing it on my knee. I finished my 2 mile with a time of 28.45!!!! I'm stoked because even when I was doing C25K I was doing 1.6 miles in 30 mins!!! OMG I'm so loving Team in Training! They are the most amazing group of people. I didn't feel like the "new girl" and everyone was so supportive and amazing! I'm so proud of myself and happy that I decided to do this. I can't wait to see what my times look like after I get back into the swing of running again! GO TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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