Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winter Fun

We took the boy's to Pier 39's Tree lighting presented by Disneyland of all places lol. We were so excited to see Mickey, Minnie and Goofy up here in S.F!!! It seriously has rained a handful of day's up here in Northern Ca this fall/winter and on the way to S.F it was POURING!!!! So we had to run into target to get hats and gloves and umbrellas. Well wouldn't you know it 45 min's and $40 later as were parking the rain stops and the skies clear. No complaints here lol. We had a blast and the boy's were so good. It ended up being a beautiful evening. This digital pack is from a challenge on and is called polar opposites. It's got to be about the cutest winter kit ever!


  1. Love this lo Andi! So cute, is it a digi lo? Looks fabulous!!

  2. Yes Brenda it's a Digi. Sadly it seems I'm using Digi a lot more lately. It's hard not having a designated craft space so to wag everything out and have to put it all away for dinner or anytime we need the table is a pain.