Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chalk Board's

I saw a chalkboard frame on a website and thought that is so cool...Hmmm wonder if you can make it Google is my best friend for this and I found the instructions. So to my hardware store I go to buy galvanized steel sheets and I measure and start cutting and my band on the saw broke. So to my neighbor who is my Hero, I go. He hand cuts it with shears (I seriously do NOT suggest doing it this way, unless your Hercules). I couldn't find chalkboard paint in the can anywhere here and I didn't feel like making it BUT...I did find it in the spray can and it's a bunch cheaper than the cans. So I come home and it suggests 2 coats and of course More is better right lol. So I did 4 coats. I attached the ribbon to hold the chalk, made the magnets out of prima flowers and sculpty clay. I made 3 different ones for the boy's teachers and put them in the boxes and wrapped them for their christmas presents. I got the frame's at the .99 store and one sheet of steel was $6 and I was able to get 3 from the small sheet I got.

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