Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thinking of you puppy

Ok so it seem's that sympathy cards have been the cards I do the most. I can't believe how many people I have had to make them for in less than a year. This one was a really hard one for me. My best friend's 5 year old nephew passed away suddenly a few weeks ago. And they did not have a funeral but a Celebration of his life. This is a card I made for the parents. In my family we release balloons at the wake and we watch them until we can't see them anymore.

I was going through my digi's and when I saw this pup...I just knew that this was it. I had the sentiment picked out already and I knew exactly what papers I would use so I matched the balloons to the paper.


  1. Beautiful card! So sorry to hear that your friend's nephew passed away at such a young age.

  2. I think they will treasure this card because it truly does celebrate his life. The thought of the loss brings tears to my eyes. The hardest thing a parent can ever experience. Hugs to you.