Saturday, April 16, 2011

She owned the Runway!

My flip flop placed 2nd in the first heat race, but was slower than the rest of the cars. I said it was because "She was just making sure everyone got a good look at her" lol

And my friend said she was "Slow with Style" and as any girl who love's shoes knows...a cute shoe deserves a good slow look lol.

Anyway I did win most Awesome car!!!!! That's all I really cared about anyway lol.

This is a pic of my shoe with her wheels on and all glossed up. And this is a pic of me and our Cub Master, the reason I entered the derby. We are a bunch a goof balls and have a great time. He is giving me my award and as you can see were both really excited!


  1. Congrats Andi! That's an awesome car! Very cool, love it Lady! 8-)

  2. Well, I had to get this far to congratulate you!!! Well done!!