Friday, January 7, 2011

Yudu? I do!

Ok so I'm learning my Yudu. I got this as an early christmas present from my wonderful Hubz.

Here's the best shirt I've turned out. Again it's for my Kuppiecake.

I'm sure you'll see more thing's coming this way soon.


  1. Really cute!!! I haven't gotten a Yudu yet, it is on the list, but not at the top yet. LOL TFS I look forward to more of your YUDU creations.


  2. I am so lucky! My hubz got it for me from a military family that was being stationed out of the country so they sold it and all the extras for an awesome price!

  3. what a cute t shirt. It is really darling

  4. So cute!!! I've had my Yudo for over a year now and it's still in the box. Everytime I go near it, I get so intimidated by it!!! Maybe this will inspire me to open it up and see what I can come up with -- I've got to use it at some time, right!

    If I need any pointers, you'll be the first one I'll come running to! LOL!!!