Sunday, August 29, 2010

A star is born

I just realized there are tons of things I havent posted yet and this is one of them. I was in Michaels one day in July and I ran into this cute pregnant lady with a terrified look on her face. I was looking at the TH inks and goodies and she was looking at the pre made blank cards. She asked me if I made cards and my reply was so amazing... "uhhh yeah, kinda" LOL I tell you I'm genius! She must have been desperate because if I asked that question and got that answer from someone I would have run the other direction, but not this sweet lady holding about 20 packs of different blank cards. Nope she goes will you please help me? I need to make my baby shower invite's and my sister is the crafty one and is out of town. Of course I did and then all of the sudden I realized I was taking over like some craft crazed lunatic, oh wait I am. Any way all she wanted was a simple star invite, the theme: A star is born (rocker girlish)colors: purple, silver and Zebra. Ok I can do this no prob.I tell her all about my cricut and how easy it is to cut shapes and I have stars and I'll cut them so all she will have to do is put them together. So I take her over to the open stock card stock and she picks a pretty lilac paper and silver envelopes. I come come and get right to work of course. My husband think's I've totally lost my mind of course but he's been married to me for 12 years he already know's this!
Well a simple star, easy enough right? Nope not for me! It's too plain... lol. So after a gazillion demo cuts and imput from my girls on the Cricut Message board I've got it nailed down. I cut them and then decide that she's going to hate them so then I cut a second design and stamp the zebra on the little stars and give them both to her and let her decide what one's to use. But her reaction when I gave them to her was worth all of it, and I'd do it again in a second!

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  1. Andi, what a wonderful card!!! And, how lucky was that poor lady to run into you and ask you for help -- how nice of you to do it!!!