Sunday, August 1, 2010

Newest Freezer T and Tutu plus T. Directions

This is the second freezer T and tutu I've done for someone's birthday! They are a great big hit and super duper easy to make.

You'll need a shirt, hat whatever fabric you want painted. Wash and dry it no fabric softener though.
Freezer Paper
Fabric paint
Spongy Paintbrush
glitter fabric paint if you wish.

Put the freezer paper on your mat Shiny side down. Cut your design and remove paper from mat. DO NOT throw away your letter center cuts if using letters. Or any of the little cuts that make the design ex. seeds from a strawberry.

Place freezer paper on fabric to be painted and iron it down making sure to get the edges and points/corners good (or it'll bleed under). Make sure to add all the little paper cuts that go along with design.

Get your paint and spongy brush and paint right on to the stencil your freezer paper has made. Make sure to cover the stencil fully and that there are no bubbles or lines in the paint (unless you like it that way)

Let dry. I'm impatient and cant wait so I alway's use my heat gun or hair dryer to speed this part up. Add a glitter layer over if you'd like or mix it in with the paint I've done both. Let dry again

When dry peel the paper off of your fabric and remove all little cuts, Iron the design to set and wait 72 hours to wash.

Enjoy and have fun!!!


  1. You did a nice job thanks for sharing

  2. Andi I just did one! Thank you so much for your help!

  3. Andi thanks again, we had so much fun with these! I've left you something on my're awesome!

  4. Great job and thanks for sharing!